Subscribers can’t miss your message!

Readers can’t help but notice these billboard-like advertisements printed on the outside of plastic newspaper delivery bags. With The Toledo Blade polybag advertising, your message will get to subscribers before the paper does.

POLY BAGS are recyclable plastic bags that contain the newspaper delivered to home subscribers. Poly bags protect newspapers from dust, dirt, finger oils and other airborne pollutants.  Right away, they command the reader’s attention with premium visibility on the outside of the bag.  The advertisement can be complete in itself or it can drive readers to a feature or pre-print inside the paper.

Subscribers can’t miss the message printed on the bag their newspaper is delivered in.

Polybags can be zoned by ZIP code or delivered to the total market.

Polybags are available in a variety of colors and can be designed with a pocket for free samples, savings cards, discs and more.

Design your ad on our Poly Bags.

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