Print Deadlines

Run of Press (R.O.P) Deadlines 

Publication Day Space & Copy Electronic Ads

Final Corrections & Releases

 MONDAY  Thu. 5pm  Fri. Noon  Fri. Noon
 TUESDAY  Fri. 5pm  Fri. 5pm  Mon. Noon
 WEDNESDAY  Mon. 5pm  Mon. 5pm  Tue. Noon
 THURSDAY  Tue. 5pm  Tue. 5pm  Wed. Noon
 FRIDAY  Wed. 5pm  Wed. 5pm  Thu. Noon
 SATURDAY  Thu. 5pm
 Thu. 5pm  Fri. Noon
 SUNDAY North Zone  Mon. 5pm  Wed. Noon  Thu. Noon
 SUNDAY Wash. Zone  Tue. 5pm  Wed. Noon  Thu. Noon
 SUNDAY Real Estate  Tue. 5pm  Wed. 5pm  Thu. Noon
 SUNDAY Automotive  Wed. 5pm  Wed. 5pm  Thu. 5pm
 SUNDAY Recruitment  Thu. 3pm
  Thu. 6pm  Thu. 3pm
 MIDWEEK Zones  Mon. 5 pm  Tue. 5pm  Wed. Noon

* Automotive copy due Tuesday 5pm

The deadline for receipt for Legal advertising notices is 2 days prior to publication. Legal ads for Sunday, Monday, or the midweek zone editions, must be received by 4:00 PM on Thursday.

To ensure a proof, please submit copy and materials 48 hours in advance of the date proof is needed.

Sunday Classified In-Column Deadlines

  Publication Date   Copy Deadline
 Sunday Real Estate  Thu. 4pm
 Sunday Automotive  Fri. Noon
 Sunday Recruitment  Fri. 4pm